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Frequently asked question


Can I choose one services form your offer?

Sure! Our expertise lies in comprehensive communication solutions, catering to a wide range of needs. While you can select from our existing services, we are also open to discussing additional tasks that may not be explicitly listed in our portfolio.


How about the pricing?

We have designed two collaboration models to cater to your unique requirements.

In the first model, you have the flexibility to handpick the specific one or combination of services you need from our comprehensive range. With a fixed monthly billing, you can easily manage your budget while enjoying our dedicated support.

Alternatively, our second collaboration model involves us seamlessly integrating into your team, working closely together on agreed communication tasks. In this model, our billing is based on an hourly rate, ensuring cost efficiency and aligning with the scope of work.


Why should I trust you?

We combine experience from the world of startups, venture capital, PR, marketing, events organization, community building, and social media. This allows us to address the needs of our clients broadly and comprehensively. What's more we like to share our knowledge that's why our team members were joinig jury squad during startups competitions as ImpactCEE or Pirate Suumit and joined lots of events as Startup Weekend as a mentor

....and how you can verify us?
You can ask about feedback one of our clients (feel free to ping them via LinkedIn) or anyone from our network! We've got nothing to hide ;)


What does the beginning of our cooperation look like?

Our cooperation commences with three key steps:

1. Comprehensive analysis - We conduct an in-depth assessment of your brand, market, and competitors to identify unique selling points and effective communication strategies.

2. Planning & Strategy - Together, we define clear goals, determine appropriate levels of support, and devise actionable plans to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Kick-off - With all preparations in place, we enthusiastically embark on our collaborative journey, ready to bring our collective efforts to fruition.


What additional advantages can I expect to gain from our collaboration?

As our esteemed client, you'll have access to exclusive benefits, including complimentary tickets and discounted rates for prominent business, tech, and startup events in Poland and Europe. Additionally, our extensive network is at your disposal, connecting you with external market experts who can offer support and mentorship in various areas, such as HR, leadership, sales, and product development.

To sum up, we can provide you with smart money which you should get, but you don’t…from your VC.

Let's talk!

Let us be your plug-in
communication team!