ZeroQs developed technology of mobile self-checkout SmartCart. It's composed of a barcode scanner and a touch screen and the dedicated application that allows to conduct shopping by customers.

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Our collaboration aimed to build ZeroQs' media presence and highlight its founders, focusing on attracting new customers, particularly major retail chains, and boosting its investment attractiveness for the upcoming fundraising round.

There is no doubt that nowadays customers are used to convenience and comfort. What matters to them is no longer just the rich assortment available in the store, but also the overall shopping experience and the time they need to spend buying their chosen products. Contrary to what might seem, for many retail chains, the increase in the number of customers can translate into a number of challenges in the form of the need for additional costs associated with hiring more staff and reduced customer satisfaction due to long checkout queues. The answer to the problems, both for shoppers and stores, has been found by a Polish startup ZeroQs, which has developed and deployed SmartCart mobile self-service checkouts on the market. Their technology has already been used by chains such as Społem and Detal Centrum, and talks are underway with major retailers in Europe - the company is preparing to increase its presence in Poland and foreign markets.



Our focus was on select economic, business, and retail market-related media. We prepared several versions of the press release, each tailored in style to suit the specific medium and its audience. As a result of our strategy for building systematic visibility, an article about ZeroQs was featured in both the print and online editions of Rzeczpospolita. In the following days, publications appeared in media outlets such as Mam Startup, ISBtech, dlaHandlu, Wirtualne Media, and Wiadomości Handlowe. The right strategy and media selection allowed us to reach all the target groups we had set out from the beginning and achieve our set goals.

👉 Planning synchronized activities.
Based on our market and competition analysis, we meticulously planned communication activities and set measurable KPIs.

👉 Founder interview and international media
We successfully garnered the interest of international journalists in the technology developed by ZeroQs. Interviews and publications about the company appeared in AinCapital and ITkeyMedia, among others.

👉 Extensive media presence and positioning
We successfully organized and coordinated widespread media visibility for ZeroQs. We reached out to journalists from various sectors, resulting in articles appearing in economic, startup, commercial, and retail media, both in Polish and international outlets.

Selected Publications

  1. Rzeczpospolita
  2. Mam Startup
  3. ISBtech
  4. dlaHandlu
  5. Wirtualne Media
  6. Wiadomości Handlowe
  7. Omnichannel News

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