We were entrusted with the mission of positioning Polish football club Warta Poznan among media and startup&business ecosystem as a startup-friendly organization. Embracing innovation as a catalyst, the company strives to expedite and optimize its progress in business, ecology, ESG, and fan engagement.

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Warta Poznań


We strategically positioned Warta Poznan as a prominent organization in the Polish startup ecosystem, fostering collaboration with innovative and tech-driven companies. Our efforts began with a featured interview on Mam Startup, Poland's largest startup portal. Subsequently, we secured multiple publications across startup, technology, and business media platforms.

Moreover, leveraging our extensive network, we facilitated several fruitful partnerships and collaborations for Warta Poznan. This led to their inclusion in Huge Thing and PFR Ventures nationwide map of innovative companies. Notably, we successfully helped to establish a partnership between the club and environmental startup Znika also helped set up discussions about cooperation with Hazay Bikes.

Warta Poznań


  1. The interview being the beginning of the strategy
    We facilitated the exclusive interview of a Warta Poznań representative for Mam Startup, showcasing the club's commitment to innovation and openness.
  1. 2. Extensive media presence and positioning
    Is a massively important thing and case studies are wonderful at fulfilling it because they offer the view of a customer rather than a company.
  1. Successful cooperation with startups
    We played a crucial role in Warta Poznań's inaugural partnership with a startup, paving the way for a collaboration with Znika. Thanks to the cooperation with this Polish startup, all packages and parcels sent by the club's fan store are packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging.

Selected Publications

  1. Mam Startup | Interview
  2. dlahandlu.pl | Cooperation with Znika
  3. Nowy Marketing | Partnership with startups
  4. Rzeczpospolita | Warta Poznan as a startup-friendly organization

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