Codejet specializes in seamless conversion of Figma designs into pixel-perfect UI, simplifying the process of app development. With Codejet, you can easily export clean React code, allowing for efficient and accurate conversion.

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Working alongside the Codejet team, our primary task was to build media visibility for the company and its founder. Our efforts were aimed at helping and supporting the fundraising process of the company.

Even though it's been just under three months since the official launch of the Codejet tool, the Polish team can confidently speak of a warm reception from the international market. The technology they've developed allows for a savings of at least 50% of developers' work by converting designs made in Figma into clean, ready-to-use code. So far, they've attracted over 10,000 users worldwide, for whom Codejet has converted more than 36 million lines of code. Despite their initial success and positive product reception, the company continues to refine the tool and plans to offer users even more features soon.



Working with Codejet and developing a communication strategy, we decided to expand our scope of activities. We aimed at both Polish and international media, showcasing Codejet's technology and the market they operate in, which contributed to building the company's investment attractiveness.

Additionally, while building the founder's expert image, we organized a podcast recording for him in Poland's leading startup media - Mam Startup, and managed to secure a speaking engagement and booth at one of the major digital product conferences - WaysConf.

Furthermore, leveraging our network, we arranged several introductions to business angels and VC funds for the company.

Podcast with Codejet CEO Patryk - LINK.

👉 Planning synchronized activities.
Based on our market and competition analysis, we  planned communication activities focused on achieving selected goals.

👉 Mam Startup Podcast and WaysConf stage
Thanks to our efforts, we successfully arranged a podcast featuring the CEO of Codejet in the largest startup media - Mam Startup. Additionally, we secured a booth for Codejet and a speaking opportunity for their representative on the stage of the biggest digital product conference in CEE - WaysConf.

👉 Extensive media presence and positioning
We successfully organized and coordinated widespread media visibility for ZeroQs. We reached out to journalists from various sectors, resulting in articles appearing in economic, startup, commercial, and retail media, both in Polish and international outlets.

Selected Publications

  1. Business Insider
  2. MyCompany Polska
  3. Nowy Marketing
  4. Mam Startup
  5. AIN Capital
  6. Interview for AIN Capital
  7. Wirtualne Media
  8. ISBtech

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