By leveraging strategic PR activities and optimizing their presence on LinkedIn, we helped Brookfield Partners strengthen its position as a leading authority in the commercial real estate industry. Recognizing the potential of these channels, we strategically utilized them to enhance their sales funnel and attract valuable prospects.

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Following a comprehensive analysis of the company's previous communication endeavors and a thorough evaluation of competitors both domestically and globally, we strategically handpicked activities and communication contexts to optimize the company's expert positioning.

Our primary objective was to enhance the company's LinkedIn profile and garner visibility in business, innovation, and real estate rental media outlets. With a meticulously crafted strategy, we achieved seamless synchronization of activities, resulting in a recurring media presence and a remarkable average of +110 new followers on the company's LinkedIn profile each month.

Brookfield Partners


  1. Planning synchronized activities.
    Based on our analysis, we meticulously planned communication activities and set measurable KPIs.
  2. LinkedIn profile development.
    Thanks to our effective strategy and compelling content materials, we achieved significant growth in the company's profile. Our efforts resulted in a substantial increase in followers and widespread reach of our published content.
  3. Media Coverage and ebook article.
    We successfully coordinated various publications in prominent business and commercial real estate media. Additionally, we secured a valuable opportunity for a Brookfield representative to contribute an article to a prestigious ebook published by Real Estate Magazine, one of the industry's leading portals.

Selected Publications

  1. Mam Startup | Metaversum. Is a virtual office capable of replacing a traditional space?
  2. Real Estate Magazine | New office or renegotiation of current lease?
  3. Mam Startup | The office is not only about space, but above all about the comfort of the team. How to take care of employee wellbeing?

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