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Startup events roadmap! Meet our H1 2024 list

Startup events roadmap! Meet our H1 2024 list

Must-Attend startup events in upcoming months! 
Meet the Commly recommended list.

We fully understand the critical role of networking in the realm of business! It's often the key to a company's dynamic growth. It aids in fundraising, client acquisition, and even the recruitment of top talents. The most fruitful networking happens in person, and conferences and industry events are prime opportunities for such interactions. With an overwhelming number of events out there, selecting the right ones aligned with your goals is essential.

In our collaboration with clients, the Commly team also advises on which conferences they should attend to achieve their goals. We often assist in arranging their presence, presentations, or meetings at these events.  Moreover, we have been connected to the European startup ecosystem for nearly a decade. That's why, based on our experiences, recommendations from friends, and online opinions, we have created a must-visit events list for every startup enthusiast and innovator. Our list includes information about the event's location and date, ticket costs, and the potential goals you can achieve there.

We understand that the landscape of such events is ever-evolving. That’s why our list will be updated twice a month. Currently, it mainly focuses on H1 2024. However, acknowledging the importance of continuous learning and networking opportunities we have also added some valuable events happening in Europe in the last two months of 2023. Moreover, if you believe an event is missing from our list or are organizing one yourself and would like to add it, feel free to contact us directly or fill out this form (link) to make your suggestion.

For your convenience and easy navigation, our full list is available in Excel format. This format allows for seamless sorting and filtering to help you find the events that best suit your needs. Find it here - link.